Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday : Carol Judkins and her Headstone Photograph Collection

I have been doing a small amount of research into my husband's family - why he doesn't do it himself, I don't know - he is always interested in what results I find! But I digress. Being limited in our mobility, travelling to cemeteries, either near or far can be a difficult prospect for us. My husband grew up in rural Victoria, Australia and luckily  for us there is a wonderful person named Carol Judkins who spends her weekends roaming Victoria, photographing and the adding pictures and names to her database at "Carol's Headstone Photographs" which can be searched by Cemetery name.

I'm unsure as to whether this fabulous resource, one that is provided free, and carried out as a labour of love has been written about before, but for those of us who are less mobile, and have ancestors who lived in rural Australia, this site is a must!

When I emailed regarding some photos listed for my husband's Jesser Family (His Paternal Great Grandparents) who are buried at Chewton Cemetery, I had a reply within the hour!

These are the results of my two minute search plus an email.

Charles and Mary Jesser (Sands) and their daughter Faney

Leonard Herbert Jesser and his wife Francis Louise Fraser

Hilda and William Douglas Jesser


  1. How I wish there were many many more Carols in this world! It makes such a difference doesn't it, to finally see a long-searched-for headstone. I fell over this quote somewhere amongst my sleuthings: "Each time we gently blow away the ashes of time ny researching our ancestors, they live again"

    Thank you for such a heart-warming story.

  2. Yes, Carol's definitely awesome, I was blown away myself when looking for other family members. I'm related to the Jessers in South Australia (if all Jessers in Australia have an ancestor in common (Charles Thomas Jesser 1817-1869) then I say I'd be related to them all :O)

    Having looked at Hilda's and William Jesser's headstone, of which I meant no disrespect, I find it very hard to decipher the gold letterings on the marble that no amount of manipulating or changing contrast could make it any easier to read.
    A lesson to be learnt, better not choose gold lettering on marbled headstone.
    I'd be William Douglas Jesser's 2nd Cousin, Twice Removed, (my lineage as follows, Charles T. Jesser/Mary Sands - William Jesser /Mary A Jones (S.A Branch), Richard N Jesser/Jetty E. Hoy, Mavis J Jesser/Laurence J. Allen. Mavis and Laurence are my grandparents. :O)
    N.Allen (NZ)