Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lost in time

It has been over twelve months since my last post, and I feel lost without the snippets of time that I used to have to research and write of things that popped up during my family history wanderings. However the demands of my husband's illness and his fairly dramatic and rapid decline, made the smallest effort impossible. With much physio and medical attention, he is now gradually improving or at least stabilising, as he will never actually get any better. During the absence from my computer, I was not even aware of the demise of Google Reader, and have subsequently lost the thread of what has been happening in the Genealogy community.  Very slowly but surely I am re-subscribing  to my favourite blogs, as I come across them. 

I would like to go back and continue with the challenge set by Gould Genealogy last year of "Family History through the Alphabet", but that may be too much effort for this tired mind at present. During the past month, I have written one post, that to me does not read very well, but I may just publish it and be done... Jump in regardless and join the throng so to speak.

This post is just to reintroduce myself, dip my toe into the water, and say "Hi" to all the genie bloggers out there.

It was finding this photo below of my home suburb of Malabar, previously known as Long Bay, an eastern suburb of Sydney, which when this picture was taken was no more than a seaside picnic spot, with few permanent residents, many whom were my ancestors. Was the woman crossing the street to the beach in her long skirt a great great aunt? Though dulled from lack of use, my mind remains enquiring and eager to explore the past, less any more knowledge that I presently have or may acquire be lost to time