Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Bucket List

Jill Ball, better known as Geniaus, set a task in motion just before she jetted off the RootsTech. The weather has been hot, I have been spending time with my family and at the beach, so better late than never, I have completed Jill's challenge and the results are as follows:

The Bucket List GeneaMeme

The list should be annotated in the following manner:
Things you would like to do or find: Bold Type
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type
You are encouraged to add extra comments after each item 

1.                  The genealogy conference I would most like to attend is the 13th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry 2012, however I won’t be in Oz at that time. Oh well, next year!

2.                  The genealogy speaker I would most like to hear and see is Chris Paton to learn all things Scottish and Irish

3.                  The geneablogger I would most like to meet in person is Thomas MacEntee – what a great smile he has and what a lot I could learn, but as he lives in the USA, and I live down under, perhaps Sharon from the Tree of Me or Carole Riley who both have expertise in areas I am interested in and sound like interesting people as well

4.                  The genealogy writer I would most like to have dinner with is Dan Lynch – dream on!

5.                  The genealogy lecture I would most like to present is none, ever or maybe on convicts

6.                  I would like to go on a genealogy cruise that visits dry land (I get very seasick) - how about a genealogy train trip!

7.                  The photo I would most like to find is that of the wedding of my paternal grandparents  - I have only one photo of each of them, and they are being a grooms man and a bridesmaid at one of their siblings weddings

8.                  The repositories in a foreign land I would most like to visit are TNA and the National Archives of Scotland
9.                  The place of worship I would most like to visit is St Martin in the Fields – lots of ancestors were married there and it is such a famous church

10.              The cemetery I would most like to visit is Rookwood in Sydney, I have so many ancestors, from so many lines buried there

11.              The ancestral towns or villages I would most like to visit are in Co. Clare, Ireland, The Isle of Skye, Glasgow……

12.              The brick wall I most want to smash is my Great, Great Grandfather, Owen Smith – where did he come from and where did he go?

13.              The piece of software I most want to buy is the full suite of Adobe Products

14.              The tech toy I want to purchase next is an android tablet – Hello Galaxy Girls!

15.              The expensive book I would most like to buy at this point in time from my “book wants” list is History of Glasgow”- Three Volumes by Robert Renwick and Sir John Lindsay, Volume 1- George Eyre-Todd, Volumes 2 & 3, at about $300. I have been known to pay more though for a rare(ish) book when I was working. 

16.              The library I would most like to visit is the British Library and the Bodleian  Library in Oxford – such history – LC was on the top of my list until a few years ago, when I had the pleasure to be blown away

17.              The genealogy related book I would most like to write is swirling around in the back of my mind, probably about the life of my mother who set me on this path

18.              The genealogy blog I would most like to start would be about, something I haven’t thought of yet

19.              The journal article I would most like to write would be about one of a thousand things

20.              The ancestor I most want to meet in the afterlife is Christiana Matheson, to find out why a single woman of 30 emigrated from the Isle of Skye to the New England Tablelands of NSW on her own, and perhaps she could fill me in on her husband Owen Smith as well.


  1. Linda, you have plenty of time to save up for the next Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry, which will be in Canberra three years from now. Did you know that Thomas MacEntee is probably coming to Australia next year? Have a look at the last paragraph in this post in UK/Australia Genealogy.

    1. Thanks Judy,

      It looks like 2013 may be a big year for the Australian Genealogy community. Canberra in a few years will be good as well, always lots to do at the NLA, NAA and the Australian War Memorial - wasn't sure what I would have spent spare time doing in Adelaide any way, as I have no connections (that I know of) in SA.

  2. I was quite humbled to see my name in your bucket list. Perhaps we may meet some day.

    1. I enjoy your posts Sharon, and you have great knowledge to impart. It would be a pleasure to meet you someday

  3. Linda - we have "snap" on a few answers..namely Thomas MacIntee and Dan Lynch !!

    Great post!!

    1. Great minds think alike? They are two of the "big names" though, so who wouldn't want to meet them! I've listened to a few of Dan Lynch's webinars (not live though) and have so many questions I would like to ask him!