Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Genealogy Goals and Resolutions for 2012

After reading Jenifer Alison Jones post regarding her “2012 – Genealogical Goals & Resolutions”, I found that the majority of them rang strong bells and were true for me as well. So based on her responses to this question, I have kept many of her answers, and adapted them to my own circumstances

At GeneaBloggers the question was asked on Open Thread Thursday – What Are Your Genealogy Goals and Resolutions for 2012?
·         Keep up to date with other bloggers more than I have this year. The few that I follow, I really enjoy, and learn a lot from, but would like to extend that out to getting to know more bloggers
·         Get my office turned into a "den of genealogy". Lots of tidying, organising and sorting to be done yet to achieve that aim, AND stop using the spare bed as a storage / sorting table!
·         Start the Certificate of Genealogy
·         Continue to scan documents and get them organised
·         Continue to scan photos and organised them
·         Write articles about some of my “Brick Wall” ancestors and submit for publication to Australian Family Tree Connections
·         Write articles regarding my research into my Tasmanian Convict ancestors and submit for publication to the Founders and Survivor’s group’s newsletter “Chain Letter” or Inside History Magazine
·         Join the Inverell District Family History Group, The Glen Innes and District Historical Society and the Armidale Family History Society – Can I really afford all these as well as the Genealogical and Historical Societies I already belong to? These are the ones that would be able to help me the most in breaking down my main brick wall though!
·         Read all I can about Scottish and Irish history and research
·         Visit cemeteries at Rookwood, Randwick, Glen Innes &  Inverell to photograph and record grave sites – all these are in New South Wales and will require some travelling
·         Upload photos and certificates to Family Tree Maker and BACKUP
·         Learn more about Family Tree Maker 2012 and decide whether to upgrade
·         Ensure that all sources in Family Tree Maker are clearly cited and uniform
·         Keep in contact with family members who I have met recently through my online family tree
·         Do a “Research Trip” around New South Wales”, visiting all the local societies, small townships and  relevant cemeteries where my ancestors lived and were buried.
·         Continue to search for my brick-wall, the elusive Owen Smith, a shoemaker at the Station, “Boorolong” near Armidale, NSW
·         Keep in contact with family who are living now, as they are more important than all of the above, especially as I only have a few cousins, close and distant left. I am now part of the older generation, with all Aunts, Uncles and Parents passed away.
Thanks Jenifer for articulating my goals so clearly.
I do tend to get side-tracked quite a bit – as do I.


  1. Looks like a busy year ahead for you,Linda. I hope you find lots of treasure as you travel through it.

  2. A great list of goals Linda. I'm inspired to work on my own list now. Happy new year and good luck with these goals :)

  3. The "Thanks" should really go to Jenifer Jones, but thanks anyway for your best wishes.

    Remember they are only goals, not achievements at this stage!

  4. I have a copy of the Glen Innes Cemetery book and would be happy to look anything up for you. See my profile to get my contact address.